We revisited the Adirondacks this past weekend. We covered three snow activities in two days.  Saturday, we ice climbed Roaring Broos Falls which was a  fantastic classic 3+ climb! According to Blue Lines (An Adirondacks Ice Climb Guide),"it's one of the finest climbs of its grade." Great scenery on top of all three pitches. Note:"A climb is never completed until you're down." The route back on Roaring Brooks Falls is quite steep.   Glissading down is a good option.

Second day, John did a back country telemark skiing in Wright Peak. There's plenty of snow, but the trail is narrow and has some steep parts. Beautiful views around the trail.

Together with another ADK hiker, I took the route to Mt. Joe, a manageable easy hike. You have two choices going up, the short trail and the long trail. The short trail has some steep parts, but you'll enjoy looking at some icicles and frozen mini-waterfalls. Taking this trail, the descent will connect to  the long trail which is less demanding with the snow shoes.Taking the long trail up, the descent will be on the short trail back to the lodge and can be challenging with the snow shoes. In any case, hiking is fun specially in winter.