Trail from Lake Colden to Indian Pass, Adirondacks, New York (8/19/06)
This hike reminded me of our hike to Galehead in the White Mountains, rainy and wet.
Though quite challenging with its long  rocky terrain and steep pitches, it's a worthwhile hike.
A route less traveled, it's important to pay attention to the foot trail markings.
According to the ranger, we did a 15-mile hike.The GPS visual route will follow later.

Marcy Dam

View from Marcy Dam

Another view from Marcy Dam

No bridge

Trap Dike, our last year's hike

Lunch break

Good camouflage

John checking our route

Another frog - careful  stepping on their path

Top of Algonquin Pass

Top of Algonquin Pass

Beautiful wild flowers

More beautiful flowers await your arrival

Nature Museum near ADK Loj - end of trail

Our Camp at Roger's Rock

John, Aaron and Dylan








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