Hiking at Minnewaska State Park Preserve
Gunks, New York, US
Hiking Route:  From Awosting Parking- Peter's Kill-Awosting Park (Following Red Path), (About 7.5 miles    

Saturday was an impromptu plan.  We originally, thought of climbing, but due to wet weather condition, we put it on hold and decided to go for a hike. We went to Minnewaska State Park Preserve, a beautiful scenic area. It was nice to be back; a few years ago we did a pleasant hike of another part of the park with an AMC hiking group.

Awosting Falls
We had a close view of two waterfalls; one of which was Lake Awosting. Beautiful setting! You feel like you're in a rain forest with all the beautiful little vegetations.Another highlight of the hike was the blueberry picking in the middle of the rain. We had enough to add them to our pancakes the following day.

We've taken photos of some views that caught our eyes. Click to see images.

July 18, 2005


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