Minnewaska State Park Preserve Revisited
Overcliff and Undercliff
Hiking Route:  From iron bridge to Awosting Falls-Iron bridge-overcliff-undercliff (10 miles)

Hiking Minnewaska State Park this time was more pleasurable for we have our daughter with us.  Last time we were in the area was in 2005.  In this hike we started at the iron bridge where the rangers check IDs. The trail is pretty much straightforward following the carriage trail. Nice fresh breeze and open air showcasing trees. Our stop was  Awosting Falls. Upon reaching it, we took a break and had lunch.  This also gave us the time to take more photos. 
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On the way back to the bridge, we passed by blueberry plants and John picked some berries to take with us. The second part of the hike was the over/undercliffs route. Beautiful view of the Catskills on the way. When we were walking towards the end of the cliffs, we saw fellow AMC rockclimbers and John was able to do a short climb.
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June 21, 2008

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