Mount Washington Revisited

Last time we summitted Mount Washington was in February 2002.  Just before New Year, four days after arriving in Crawford Notch, NH, we went back to try another route,  Huntington's Central Gully.  It's challenging; yet  fantastic I must say.  The book, An Ice Climber's Guide to Northern New England describes Central Gully  as one of the longest climbs in the ravine,   with one or two leads of low angle ice climbing.  

The day we picked was perfect, a glorious day with a panoramic view of the mountain. As you're climbing to reach the base of the climb, you see  other climbing routes like Pinnacle Gully, left of Central Gully.

We were a team of four, John led the first part of the steep ice climb and Todd the second.  The long strenuous hike up leads you to the Alpine Garden with a magnificent view of natural ice sculptures.  On the way, we took some photos; the background of this page was one of them.   The sun was brightly shining, John's shadow being reflected on this lovely snow and ice formation. (12/29/04)

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Photo journal-December, 2004