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Place of climb Rock name Type
Gunks, New York quartzconglomeratetn.jpg (9087 bytes)Quartz Conglomerate Sedimentary
Allamuchy, New Jersey Crystalline Granite Igneous
Whitehorse Ledge, New Hampshire Granite Igneous (Plutonic)
Yosemite, California Granite (Granodiorite) Igneous (Plutonic)
Joshua Tree, California Granite (Monozogranite or Quartz Monzonite) Igneous
Red Rocks, Las Vegas, Nevada Sandstone Sedimentary
Adirondacks, New York granite_trapdiketn.jpg (10133 bytes)Anorthosite Igenous (Instrusive)
Roger's Rock, Lake George, NY Precambrian gneiss Metamorphic
Otter Cliff, New Hampshite Granite Igneous (Plutonic)
Mount Shasta, California Basalt and Andesite (pyroxene, Ca-rich plagioclase, and hornblende) Igenous (Extrusive)

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