"Bus Ride"

While we were waiting for the Number 7 bus on Columbus Avenue, a lady came and asked for directions.  She wanted to know if she was taking the right bus going downtown and if it was "OK" for her to take the route rather than going to Broadway.   Soundedly, her voice directed her question to anyone; a woman answered her and my husband also gave her other options.

The bus came and took our seats in the middle part.  The lady decided to get on the bus and was sitting in front of us; a couple was behind us.  The bus reached the 70's and took more passengers.  As it was about to go, a big brown dog, held by the   owner, approached the bus and seemed to have wanted to get on to the bus.  The driver opened the door, giving the dog a welcoming gesture, and then closed the door.   The owner led her pet away; they were just strolling along.  The lady in front of us asked if buses could take dogs.  The driver replied, "Only watch dogs."  The lady asked another question, "What about little dogs?"   The driver answered, "Only if they're placed in a dog bag."

The bus drives along further... A couple behind us was taking notice of the streets and scenes outside. "There were no people in the street fair on upper 70's," "There were probably inside," (The lady also noticed) "it's so cold; the furnitures must be cracking." (Looked at me and I nodded my head in agreement). The couple talked about the window display of a thrift shop, that it looked modern and that the owner put an art wall presentation for the store.  Said to myself, "Perhaps, I'll check this store one day."  Then the conversation shifted to the economy...the rest of the words sounded oblivious to me and just let the ride continue silently until we reached our destination.

Notes: February 17, 2003

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