"More on Climbing"

My attitude about climbing whether on rocks or on ice has changed. I always look forward now to both seasonal activities.

In restrospect, climbing the first time was terribly shaky.  I gave up easily; tiredness and much effort to reach up to find good finger holds did not add to the motivational aspect. Less focus was spent on foot hold techniques. Falling, even on top rope,was not to be expected; perhaps pride was part of it. No fun at all.

And now?  I'm having much, much fun even when I'm being challenged.  It's funny.  At times, I talk to the rocks and says, "C'mon rocks, give me something here" " Can't do this on my own."  When I climb, my objective is to reach the top, finish the climb and enjoy the view, if there's one.  In most cases, yes, as I prefer to climb higher elevations.  The Gunks landscape in New Paltz, New York is certainly inviting.

One thing I'm trying to work on is sequencing.  When you have it and you focus on a reach, you get it.  With precision, a matter of seconds counts a lot. If you lose it,  then you start again.  The other weekend, my husband and I toproped the CC Route (5.7-G), interesting chimmney and feet wide apart movements.  We both tooks turns on reaching it and was a success.  Of course, it took me longer.  Afterwards, we tried the 5.8+ PG variation.  Another interesting start on which I practiced the sequencing.  After a few attempts, I finally got it.  What a relief!   Didn't want to  give up on it.  The sequence I practiced was One, started on a good right foot ledge, two, placed  my right index and middle fingers on a very small hold, three, slowly, swung my left foot on a narrow foot hold and then finally reached a higher hand hold with my left hand.  A nice try:-) 

With attemps such as the one on CC, I recall the first days of my climbing experiences,   no longer with sadness and frustrations but with a smiling thought.  I always like to say to myself that I have reached the second stage.  I hope to stay with it and be more comfortable until I'm ready for another stage.

June 1, 2005

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