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Inconvenient Truth

"Meant as a companion documentary to the book of the same name, 'An Inconvenient Truth' chronicles the career of former-Vice President Al Gore as he focuses on potentially one of the biggest issues facing future generations, global warming. Gore lays out the case for the causes of warming, and traces his concerns with this phenomenon, from his early days in politics through the aftermath of the 2000 Presidential election."

The movie gives present and projected reality, something that many people already know or may have heard already.  A reality that is sometimes taken for granted or refused to be heard.

The film is very informative.  There is a lot of little details to grasp that I would probaby watch it again to go through them more.  It's like reading.  You get the main idea at the first reading and when you read it again, you get more in depth understanding.

Through this movie, we are given, once again, one of the means to stir our consciousnes to enjoy a more safe, healthy life.


Oscar 2005

I've always admired American films for they have so much variations in themes.  Movie goers are given more choices which film to watch whether it's drama, comedy or action.

Another Oscar year and people are openly anticipating who the winners are going to be. 

I've focused my attention on the actor category this year.  I don't think I'll be a good judge of who is going to be the winner since among the films being nominated, I've only seen Ray Charles; this was before it opened nation wide.  We saw the premiere which I thought was well made with Charles life fragments being presented in different stages, sad and happy. In line with this, Jamie Foxx's performance deserves the Oscar's award. My opinion is based entirely on the film I saw plus I greatly admired Ray Charles as an artist.  Seeing Mr. Foxx's on the film brought memory of Mr.s Charles live performance  in New York. Undoubtedly, Mr. Foxx gave an exact rendition of Charles' energetic, artistic and talented performance.

As for the other nominated actors, they are all deserving.  I've seen them in other films, Don Cheadle in Ocean 11, Johnny Depp in Scissorhand, Leonardo DiCaprio in Catch Me If You Can and of course, one of our favorites, Clint Eastwood, having seen him in numerous films, Eiger Sanction, Magnum Force...

Best wishes to all actors.  If you don't win, but loved what you did in your films and you're happy with your performance, then you're already a winner.

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