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"Work is Fun"

We recently moved to a new home we bought in Bronx, New York. My husband and I did a big painting job of its interior before finally residing.  We have been pretty much set of what we have done and how we've arranged our things, but there are some little things that still need to be taken care of. 

This week has been really productive.Yesterday, I was a carpenter.  I made a  little table from  some left over wood and gathered some screws,a hammer and an electric screw driver as tools.I didn't know how my project would turn out.Never built a furniture before, but "what the heck." It took a while, but the job was done.For now, the little table is serving its purpose;however, I have to say it's not what you would call an "Ebay" prospect. I still like it anyway.

And today, what was I? A painter!I decided to paint our climbing closet. After my husband left, I picked up some brushes and applied paint,"Up and down, up and down.This was another excuse to organize our gears.  After putting everything back to the closet,  it turned out the closet had more space to spare. Neat"-)

Tomorrow, what will I be?  Maybe, a gardener.It's something that I   always enjoy doing. I'll water sprinkle the plants by the window.Our Dancing Lady Oncidium orchid is beginning to bloom again.They're yellow, a nice spring color. And the rose plant, it's happy.The first one to offer its flowers to our new home. "Tres belles."

Nice to be able to do things when you can.This week, I get to be a carpenter, a painter, and a gardener in the privacy of our home.Oh, "La vie en rose." Being busy is wonderful and life is never a dull.

April 17, 2004

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