"Small,large, round or square, every space is flexible and open to design and creativity." 

One creates one's space.  The interior layout comes from an individual choice. home interiorThe size of your space is also up to your acceptance. A studio can be as livable and comfortable  as a loft. How you view your space is more important. If it is a place where you are happy and comfortable, if it's a place where you want to go after a day's work, then, it's home. 

Variably, reaching a comfortable space may take time.  Just like in a relationship, patience is needed.  Decide what you really need in your home.   Being present in your space and experience every facet can help you. Changes, in most cases, take place as you get to know your home more and more.  Most likely, there is always something that you want to change or modify like the color of one side of a room or the placement of a bookcase.interior

How you design your space, no matter how small it is, is also up to you.  Most importantly, you must love your space.  If you do, then, you know what to do with it.   Make use of every corner, functional and aesthetic.  Use what you already have. Books, plants, old postcards are always good to include in your space.  Tokens from friends like sketches and poems add meanings into your space.  There's something 'homey' with old things. Wherever you turn your head, your thoughts recall lovely memories.

Look for your own space, and even more fun if you do it with your love ones. Once you find the right place,take it. Everything will come into shape as time passes by. (May 5, 2002)

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