Just got engaged.  You ask yourselves, "What shall I we do next?"   You and your future husband get an official marriage certificate from the City Hall.   You then proceed with the wedding plan.  The two of you prefer to have a very simple and private ceremony with close family and friends.  You call the church where you would like to hold the wedding ceremony (St.John the Divine), one of the places you went to on your first date.  You find out if they have an available wedding  schedule.  As it happens to be a busy month, your chosen date is already taken.  
front chapelSo you call another place (Riverside Church), and give them the same date. 

Front altar of Riverside Church Christ Chapel
(Inner chapel)----------------------->


Back of the chapel<----------------Back of the chapel

"The chapel is patterned after the eleventh century Romanesque nave of the fortress church of St. Nazaire at Carcassonne"

The following day, you call back and 'voila!' they have an open schedule (Saturday, 4:00 PM);  date confirmed.    They ask you to come to discuss details.  You meet the coordinator, very nice and accommodating.  She shows you the chapel and gives you the name of the officiating minister.  You are also informed that an interview is required for every couple. (Wednesday, three days before the wedding).   So, the two of you come for the interview. The miniter asks questions; the whole process goes along just fine.  After the interview and the minister's approval, the wedding is definite.

Now, your dress!  What do your wear?  You want something that you want to wear again for another special occasion like your anniversary.  You want to wear white but not a traditional long gown, but it's hard to get a white wedding dress because it's the end of the year and everything you see in the store are fall and winter colors.  You have been to different department stores...no white dress that fits you. 

Thursday, you are walking a few blocks from where you live.  Then, you stop in front of a store that catches your interest.  You enter the store with the hope of finding the right dress.  Your eyes revolve around the room,   and then up.  Suddently, they spot something.  There it is! Up on the second level, almost hidden.  It looks like the right size, so you try it on.   It fits! It fits!  You can not believe it. You say to yourself, "Wow! my wedding dress."  You didn't have to go far after all to find what you're looking for.  After fitting, you call your husband right away to let him know of your find.  He comes to the store and sees the dress.  He asks you,"Do you like it?" 
Hand in hand the two of you walk back home carrying the lovely white dress.

Day of the wedding (Saturday)
The wedding is at 4:00 PM and you have a five-hour class to teach in the morning.   You must go because it's the last few weeks of classes before the final exams, and it's also the day you are being observed by a senior faculty member.  You proceed with the class as usual, but part of your thought is away with  your future husband and the wedding.  The observer comes and greets you.  Your thoughts shift back and forth between your class and your wedding.  After a while, you say to yourself  "I can't proceed anymore."  So, an hour before the end of the class, you say to the observer if it's OK to leave earlier as you have a wedding to attend, your wedding.   Of course, your request is well taken and understoond,  so you make the announcement to the students, "Class, I have to dismiss you early; I'm getting married this afternoon."  Your students are flabbergasted and exclaim, "Wow, Congratulations!" followed by "What are you doing here, professor?"  Everyone understands and wishes you the best.  You bid them good-bye and swiftly leave.

Finally, the wedding has taken place. The wedding is just as you wish, simple but memorable.  A week to prepare it just seems impossible but it happens.  A small group of beloved family members and friends come to grace the occasion, even the friends you and your husband call the day of the wedding.   A dear friend and her family offered to host the reception at their private home.    The evening passes  by with conversations on architecture, colonization, work, and a question addressed to your husband by a dear friend named Sue - "What do you like about ...?"

The occasion is truly a lovely and special day to remember and a story that you and your husband love to share with friends anytime.


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