"Sorry God"

I've never been a make-up person;lipsticks or facial powders just dont' suit me. Also being sensitive to them results to pimples that can just sprout fast. In relation, I had a funny exchange with my husband one day.

On a fast running morning, I made a sudden outburst, "Sometimes, I don’t like being a woman!" The remark was triggered because I was in a hurry to leave for work and there were still things to do like drying my hair and putting outerwear. The price of being a female is to do such things; just too tedious! It comes with our gender, an "SOP" (Standard Operation Procedure) assigned to us women.  A thought that sometimes occurs in my mind.

When I made the comment my husband said, "What!" smiling :-) and surprised:-0 at the same time.  He probably thought what I said was preposterous. But then I took it back immediately. I said, "Sorry God. I didn’t mean it." Perhaps God was also saying, "What!" "How dare you say that after all what I've done for you." I said "Sorry" to Him again :-(
Please don't take me wrong.  I'm still cool with being a woman. 

I don't know, even being low-maintenance when it comes to getting ready, I still find that preparing to go out still takes longer than my husband. I guess it's a process I have to accept.  After all, I'm still a woman.

October 25, 2003

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